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Enjoy a virtual walking tour in Buenos Aires' colourful open air museum

Stroll along the most photographed street in Buenos Aires: Caminito.

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Person Ages 8+

Travel back in time with this live virtual walking tour in Buenos Aires. 

Your host, a professional tour guide, will take you to La Boca, one of the most iconic neighbourhoods of the city and definitely a must-see.

Located in La boca, the Caminito is a street museum of colourful painted houses typical of the immigrant dwellings that came to characterise this port area towards the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century.

After the closure of the railroad, the street was largely abandoned until in the 1950s a group of neighbours decided to regenerate the area and local artist Benito Quinquela Martín began using the tenements as his canvas.

Today, there are several works by Argentine artists incorporated as part of the street museum and the Caminito has become a favourite with visitors to the city.

This is a great online tour to understand why 70% of the population of Buenos Aires is from Italian background, and much more!


A beautiful tour of La Boca! Mike

This tour was amazing! Our tour guide, Aime, was so knowledgeable and talked all about the history of this area. She told us about the painter Martin, the benefactor and inspiration for much of the area's beauty and artistic vibrancy. We even saw some tango dancers performing outside a restaurant as Aime walked along the streets. It was incredible to see the vibrancy of Argentina's people and colorful history. Highly recommend!

Excellent Virtual Tour Lin Huang

This is my first time experiencing a virtual tour and I’m so happy I tried it. My host, Agustina, was excellent during the whole session. She did a great job explaining the history and giving me an idea what is the culture in that area. Time went so fast! I didn’t realize it since I was so engaged and having a good time. After this experience, I will definitely do another tour.

Daniela is an incredible tour guide for La Boca, and I wish we could tip her!! Austin

This is our first experience doing anything like this, and I am SO happy we tried it! You cannot go wrong with visiting the eclectic, historic, and culturally rich neighbourhood of La Boca!! :)))