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Nature & Outdoors

The best nature virtual tours to discover Argentina's majestic landscapes.

At Signature Tours, we have spent the past seventeen years making dreams come true for thousands of travelers wanting to discover Argentina. We now want to give anyone that same possibility with our virtual experiences, no matter in which part of the world they are in.

Fun for the whole family! Paul - July 2021

We have gone a number of virtual experiences in different parts of the world, which have all been great. But this tour stood out as the best we have gone on. The scenery is beautiful, but it was the tour guide, Belen, who made the experience memorable! She was engaging, personable, and knowledgeable. She remembered everyone's names and things they said, asked and answered questions deftly, had an astounding level of expertise, and was super skilled at interacting with kids and adults alike. Her explanations were clear and helpful. We are both school teachers, and this was like getting a tour from the best teacher you had in school. Everyone from grandpa to the kids was drawn in. The glacier and mountains are certainly scenic, but she brought it alive. 10/10 would do another tour with Belen.

Local sampling of Bariloche, Argentina William - September 2020

My guide, Ayelen, spoke clearly and was informative, giving me historical details of the area and local sights. The time of this tour goes by very quickly, and there's really so much you can see in 45 minutes. If you can't book a ticket to Argentina, this might give you a small taste of what life is like there, at least from a microcosm perspective. Bariloche is a somewhat remote town, about 15 kilometers from the nearest airport, and it's an upscale locale. I had a pretty good time and would try out more of these virtual tours. I'd highly recommend it!

Stunning Scenery Peter - March 2021

Argentina is on my bucket list, so this tour provided an excellent preview. Belen, from Signature Tours, was an excellent host and provided many interesting facts about the glacier and the surrounding area. Although, it was cloudy during my tour, the weather did not diminish the beauty of this region. As a plus, I was able to witness a magnificent Condor flying overhead. I hope to visit Patagonia soon!