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Buenos Aires Travel Blog

The ultimate guide to explore Argentina's capital city.

Planning to tick Buenos Aires off your bucket list? Then you are in the right place.

At Signature Tours, we are travelers ourselves and we know how stressful and overwhelming organizing a trip can be. To help people around the globe wanting to discover the secret gems hidden in Buenos Aires city, like you, we have gathered all the knowledge, expertise, and experience that we gained through the past 20 years and created this masterpiece of a travel guide that is meant to make your travel planning as easy and enjoyable as it should be.

In this Buenos Aires travel blog, you will find a wide variety of posts covering different topics such as travel tips, suggested tours and activities, and culture-themed articles to gain in-depth knowledge about this fantastic destination.

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How to get from Buenos Aires airport to the city center?

When traveling to Buenos Aires City, organizing your ground transportation in advance is a must, including your transfer from and to the airport. For any traveler visiting Argentina’s capital, trying to figure out how to get from Buenos Aires airport to the city center can become a nightmare. To begin with, unlike most places on…

Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

Planning to visit Buenos Aires? Great choice! Argentina’s capital is definitely one of the most exciting cities on Earth! It is an amazing city with options for everyone: huge parks, wonderful architecture, unbelievable cuisine, astonishing museums and much more. Having so much to offer in different locations can make it a bit difficult to make…

Best day trips from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s main transit hub, so you will find yourself coming and going a few times during your trip around the country. While the city of Buenos Aires has enough attractions to keep you busy for weeks, it is also a convenient base for several day trips. Either if you want to head…

A 101 guide to understand cuts of beef in Argentina

You have probably heard of how supreme and out of this world  Argentine beef is many times, even if you have never set a foot on the country. From TV shows, Argentine restaurants abroad, fellow travelers that have been to the meat-lovers paradise or even perhaps from reading Francis Mallman’s book “Siete Fuegos”. As a…

Teatro Colón: The greatest Opera House in Latin America at a glance

When visiting Buenos Aires travelers might be surpirsed by the enormous amount of things to do and places to visit that Argentina’s capital city has to offer. Among all of its historic buildings with amazing architecture, wonderful parks, top quality restaurants, and world renowned museums, there is one traditional place you can’t miss: the Colón…

“Argentina Freedom Trail” Self-Guided Walking Tour

Discover the history of our country on foot at your own pace in this “Argentina Freedom Trail Self-Guided Walking Tour”. Created by our local experts, these trip notes give you detailed mile-by-mile descriptions, with all the information you need for a smooth experience around Buenos Aires’ old town through which you will gain in-depth knowledge…

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