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Buenos Aires Travel Blog

The ultimate guide to explore Argentina's capital city.

Planning to tick Buenos Aires off your bucket list? Then you are in the right place.

At Signature Tours, we are travelers ourselves and we know how stressful and overwhelming organizing a trip can be. To help people around the globe wanting to discover the secret gems hidden in Buenos Aires city, like you, we have gathered all the knowledge, expertise, and experience that we gained through the past 20 years and created this masterpiece of a travel guide that is meant to make your travel planning as easy and enjoyable as it should be.

In this Buenos Aires travel blog, you will find a wide variety of posts covering different topics such as travel tips, suggested tours and activities, and culture-themed articles to gain in-depth knowledge about this fantastic destination.

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Useful Spanish phrases for travelers: what you need to know before your trip to South America

Get a deeper connection with the locals and a smoother landing into the local culture by learning the basics of the local language. Even though most people working in the travel industry in South America do speak English, some other locals do not at all (especially those living in small cities or towns). Therefore, if…

First time in Argentina? These are our suggestions

Are you planning your first trip to Argentina? In this blog post, we will tell you all the places you should not miss when visiting Argentina. Regions we cover in this post: Iguazú Mendoza Patagonia Welcome! We will tell you interesting information so that you can begin feeling closer and closer. Argentina is a country…

Buenos Aires and its landmarks: must-see places which became postcards

You will be surprised by Buenos Aires and its architecture, people and parks. We will tell you about the landmarks which make it so unique as amazing. Let’s begin with: Plaza de Mayo (May Square). It is the place where our city was born in 1580 and where great events in our history took place….

A cup of coffee, please

A cup of coffee, please Understanding the ritual of having the most beloved drink in the world when you are in Buenos Aires. “A coffee, a coffee with a little milk, please”. This is the most common phrase you are going to hear at a “café” in Buenos Aires. Taking a break in our daily routines and having a coffee is an experience not to be missed. For a “porteño” (person from Buenos Aires), having a coffee doesn’t mean to have a 5-minute break, drink it and go on. It means to sit down, read the newspaper, meditate… A “café” is also a meeting place for friends and that will be the perfect opportunity to “solve” issues about economy, world crisis, politics, family and so on. Then, how long do you need for a coffee? It may be from half…

5 art museums not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires

5 art museums not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires It is common to find a work of art at every corner when walking around Buenos Aires. In this article, we will suggest you 5 art museums you not to be missed when visiting Buenos Aires. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes / National Museum of Fine Arts This is one of the most important public museums in the country. The choice if time tells you to choose just one. It is located in Recoleta and it is an excellent option to combine with Recoleta Cemetery and the Artisans’ Fair located just opposite the museum. It hosts the most important Collection of Argentine art in Argentina (Antonio Berni, Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Benito Quinquela Martín, etc.) and international works of art (El Greco, Goya, Rodin, etc.). A must-see! Museo de Arte Latinoamericano…

Curosities about Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

Curosities about Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral: If you are walking around “Plaza de Mayo” (May square), sometimes it is difficult to find the Metropolitan Cathedral. Why? Visiting “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square) is something not to be missed if you are in Buenos Aires. It is the place where the city was born, where the most important events in our history took place and where the most representative buildings (for the city and the country) are located. One of these buildings hosts the Metropolitan Cathedral, the most important church in Buenos Aires, but few people can find it, in spite of being located just in front of the square and having amazing dimensions. Juan de Garay, Spanish conqueror, founded the “Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad” in 1580 in the place known today as “Plaza de Mayo”. The site to build…

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