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Perito Moreno Glacier At A Glance

Since you cannot come to Patagonia, we thought of bringing one of Argentinian Patagonia’s most majestic views over to you.

Quick Details

Virtual Experience

Enjoy a virtual tour to Patagonia

If you are looking for a 35 minute escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life this is the virtual experience you’ll want to take. On this journey you will enjoy absolutely stunning views of this amazing glacier, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Join this virtual walking expedition that provides some very insightful details about the glacier, it’s surrounding areas and all you can do if you visit the National Park in person.

Stunning Scenery Peter

This area is on my bucket list, so this tour provided an excellent preview. Belen, from Signature Tours, was an excellent host and provided many interesting facts about the glacier and the surrounding area. Although, it was cloudy during my tour, the weather did not diminish the beauty of this region. As a plus, I was able to witness a magnificent Condor flying overhead. I hope to visit Patagonia soon!

Amazing beauty with nice people Baci

As a person from a mountainous place originally, I wanted an escape to a place like where I grew up and this was perfect. Belen was very kind and knew a lot about the region. She even pointed out perfect times to take photos when the glacier would calve ice. It was a beautiful escape that inspires me to visit one day to see the beauty of the region and meet the nice people.

Great tour and host Renee

What a treat to escape to this beautiful glacier on a hot summer's day in the U.S. Belen was very knowledgable and engaging, and we talked about issues including the trees and environmental impact. Sorry to see how quiet the area is without tourists because of COVID.