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Keep your employees engaged and happy with exotic and out of the box team-building online activities.

Are you looking for virtual activities for coworkers?
Either if you are just looking for online team-building ideas, or you want to celebrate a special event in a different way, we have an option for you. Treat your employees or coworkers with the best of
Argentina’s landmarks, culture, history, and more no matter where you are in the world.

Great, Interactive and Delicious Experience! Melissa - April 2021

Augustine was a terrific host! We had a great time and she was so interesting and charming. I did prep all of the ingredients listed in advance and my husband and I cooked along with her. Our first few didn't look very good but we got the hang of it! This was an amazing activity and I can't believe in a hour we learned such a great and flexible recipe. Don't hesitate to book this!

Easy way to experience other cultures Justin - November 2020

The concept of wine tasting virtually seemed a little strange at first, but we decided to try it anyway. I will say it was well worth it even without being able to actually taste. The knowledge that our host had was next level and he went beyond just saying here's some wine to help close that gap for us. We learned a lot about the local history of wine making as well as Argentina itself.

Learned so much about Argentinian wines, and had a lot of fun! Anna - August 2021

Our host was Florencia (hope I spell her name correctly), and she is super funny and sweet. We learned a lot about the wines, and also tried them as the story went. It went very fast and we even lost the track of time, these sessions feel more like a call with a friend. Loved it!