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Date night

Top virtual date ideas for a memorable 'night-in'.

Share a unique and out-of-the-box date night experience with your partner, family, and or friends with the interactive travel-themed virtual experiences based in Argentina.

We learned so much about Argentine wine! Clouisep - January 2021

This was a great experience for our small group (4 persons). We learned so much about the origins of Malbec and the only native Argentinian grape, Torrontes. The hour flew by and we truly enjoyed tasting and learning all about the wines. While we weren't able to find the EXACT bottles recommended - we were able to improvise and still stay on target with the experience. Excited to find another experience to try!

Incredible Experience Gene S. - February 2021

My partner and I had so much fun learning how to tango! Daniela felt like an old friend and we learned so much! We would highly recommend this to anyone! We want more dance lessons!!!

Argentinian Drink Night out on the Deck with Cami! L. Boudreau - July 2021

We had a ball! We bought all the ingredients that were on the supplied list. We mixed the drinks in real time with Cami. Cami was awesome and a fantastic host and bartender. She's funny and kind. She listened to and answered all our questions. We had some friends over for dinner and the drink lesson made for a great night!