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Re-Create Famous Argentine Cocktails

Organise an Argentine-themed cocktail party at home with this live-streamed virtual experience. Cheers!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

Buenos Aires is renowned for its nightlife, which is as varied as it is intense. Are you ready to travel to Argentina through cocktails?

While most of the world associates Argentina with Malbec wine, the cocktail scene in Buenos Aires is getting bigger and bigger.

Your host will introduce you to some classic local drink recipes as well as some old favorites reimagined with Argentine ingredients. If you’re over 21, check out the ingredient list below to mix along, or just sit back and soak in your newfound bartending knowledge.



From Atlanta...we were whisked away to Buenos Aires! Lesli

WE WENT TO BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA YESTERDAY!! OK...virtually. But we still had a great time! Last night hubs and I took this virtual cocktail class and it was so much fun! We made 4 cocktails and learned about the culture and history of Argentina in the meantime. For example, did you know that 60-70% of the population of Buenos Aires are of Italian heritage. The drinks reflected that...the first being a mix of Fernet-Branca and Coke. Fernet-Branca is an Italian liquor....and our guide even told us the story behind how that came to be (but I'm not spoiling it!) My favorite was a unique twist on a classic, specific to the Patagonia region of the country...

– Amazon Explore
Charming and authentic conversation with lots of cultural detail Patrick

Nicolas was a charming instructor. He offered personal stories and background with each drink. We learned a great deal, broadening our mixology horizon. We look forward to visiting Argentina. We wish him and his young family all the best.

– Amazon Explore
Argentinian Drink Night out on the Deck with Cami! Lisa

We had a ball! We bought all the ingredients that were on the supplied list. We mixed the drinks in real time with Cami. Cami was awesome and a fantastic host and bartender. She's funny and kind. She listened to and answered all our questions. She waited for us a bit when we fell behind mixing the drinks. We had some friends over for dinner and the drink lesson made for a great night!

– Amazon Explore