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Pastry Perfect: learn to make the classic Croissant of Argentina, Medialunas

Upgrade your baking skills with this virtual cooking experience.

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Introduce yourself to a new kind of treat, the Argentine Medialunas.

These sweet, buttery croissant-ike pastries are a local breakfast staple and pair perfectly with lattes, like the Café con Leche. In this live virtual experience, follow along with your local host and learn how to bake Medialunas with this easy recipe!

Even if you have no experience baking, your host will accompany you with the basics of baking for beginners.

Similar to the delicious French croissants, these are an essential element in any Argentine breakfast and, by the end of your session, you’ll be able to enjoy them yourself!

Mouthwatering Evan - Dec 2020

I was in Bogota a month ago and had a media luna from a bakery where the chef is Argentinian. It was so good and have been thinking about it since returning home. And this experience helped me with the recipe.

– Trip Advisor
Perfect activity to share with kids Katie - June 2022

I spent a month in Argentina with my husband and children in March and enjoyed the sights and family he has in Buenos Aires but we also equally enjoyed the medialunas. After eating so many for 30 days we were desperate for them when we got back to the states! Now we could make them at home!