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Second time in Buenos Aires? Discover it beyond the traditional landmarks

Second time in Buenos Aires? Discover it beyond the traditional landmarks
Are you planning to visit Buenos Aires for the second time? Welcome back!
Probably you have already visited the most tradicional landmarks in the city, but
Buenos Aires always offers different options to discover those places that you
could not cover in your first visit as time is never enough. In this article we will
share our recommendations for your second time in the city, and we are sure
that you will want to come back time after time.
a vintage photo of a clock tower in a city
Buenos Aires is a city that stands out for its architecture. The
Palacio Barolo, inaugurated in 1923, was the highest building of South America up to the 1930’s. It was designed by the Italian architect Mario Palanti for the
entrepreneur Luis Barolo.
Its design was inspired in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. From the lighthouse that is located at the top (almost 100 metres high), the views of the city are stunning. This palace also has a rooftop bar to enjoy a drink.
Palermo is the largest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, thus it is very diverse. The area known as Palermo Soho
is famous for the street art. You can enjoy a walk to discover the beautiful murals painted by local and international artists, specially along Russel and Santa Rosa lanes, but also in the streets nearby. Palermo is a giant stencil where artists have left their footprints.
Palermo | Sitio oficial de turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Archivo:Jardín Botánico Buenos Aires Invernadero.jpg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Very near there, there is a green area that you shouldn’t miss out. We are talking about the Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires, that can be visited free of charge. Inaugurated in 1898, it has different areas dedicated to flora of every continent. The highlight is an impressive English-style mansion, but you will also find a greenhouse, different sculptures and French and English-style gardens.
Todo sobre el Ecoparque interactivo de Buenos AiresOnly a 5-minute walk from here you can also visit the Ecoparque, that was
once the zoo, and now offers a new concept about the biodiversity protection.
About 1 km from the Botanical Garden, at the heart of Parque Tres de Febrero,
you can find the Rosedal (Rose Garden). A great example of the Belle Epoque
in Buenos Aires, it was inaugurated in 1914. This place boasts over 18.000 rose
bushes, and is surrounded by a lake. It also has a Greek-style bridge that
crosses the lake, an amphitheater, and Andalusian garden and a garden
dedicated to local and international poets. Don’t miss the chance to visit it!
Estos Lugares: Panorámicas: Pirámide de Mayo, Obelisco, Rosedal, Muelle de Pescadores
Another place not to be missed is Librería El Ateneo- Gran Splendid, a bookstore in Recoleta neighbourhood, considered among the most beautiful ones in the world. Why? The vast amount of books on offer, but also because of
the building. It was built to be a theatre, then it was converted into a cinema, and finally in the year 2000 it was transformed in a bookstore. The frescoes that can be appreciated in the ceiling will make you travel back in time. The old stage is now a cafe, an ideal option to relax for a while. You won’t regret!
If you need, it will be our pleasure to organise you a private tour covering all these places with a professional tour guide that will share with you all the secrets behind them and much more! We are ready to welcome you!
  librería el ateneo | Bookshop, Eiffel tower inside, Eiffel tower