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Private Architecture and Palaces Tour

Quick Details

Private Tour | 1-2 People
Private Tour | 3-7 People
Private Tour | 8-12 People
Private Tour | 13-16 People

Discover the architecture and palaces in Buenos Aires

On this three-hour tour, visit the most renowned palaces of Buenos Aires and learn their particular stories. With their very different and unique styles, each corner of the palaces tells a whole new story of the view you are taking in, and will bring you back to that specific time. This tour is about all the neighborhoods of Argentina, but it is also one in itself.

The main theme is the “Belle Epoque” with its architecture, economic situation, and social reality combined with the role of Argentina in the world at the time and the influence of the French aesthetics in Argentina’s bourgeois during the first and second World War and the process of the building of the palaces.

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