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Private History of Tango in Buenos Aires

Quick Details

Private Tour | 1-2 People
Private Tour | 3-7 People
Private Tour | 8-12 People
Private Tour | 13-16 People

Explore the Buenos Aires tango scene

Get to know one of the most important and seductive dances in Argentina, from its origins to today. See and relive the lyrics of famous songs and visit the most famous tango areas in Buenos Aires.

What to Expect

This tour offers the opportunity to book the most popular tango shows in Buenos Aires. We are experts in organizing a memorable experience to explore the tango scene and the culture of the city. Tango is an essential part that you should not miss during your visit to Buenos Aires.

As a creative expression, the tango culture in Argentina is known for its movements, hugs full of steam, and unmistakable melodies. This wonderful, seductive, sensual, and captivating dance is a unique gift from Buenos Aires for visitors and travelers who can immerse themselves in this tempting culture by booking our Tango Tour of the City.

A lover of and an expert in the field of tango will tell you all about the history of this fascinating music and how it is related to Argentina’s history and culture. You will see the lyrics of famous tango songs and visit the most famous tango areas in Buenos Aires.

If you like, we can arrange a top-quality tango class with a private instructor for an additional cost. We guarantee that not only will it be an extremely entertaining day, but also you will learn about this sensual dance which seduces the whole world.