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A day with an Argentinean Football Fan

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

Spend a day with an Argentinean football fan

If I ask you what a football fan is for you, how would you describe them? And what’s even more… an Argentinean football fan?

For sure, you might say that you have seen them. But I can assure you that it goes beyond wearing a national or a football team T-shirt! With this in mind, I specially designed this experience because I really want to share how it feels to love, wear those enchanting colours, and follow your football team everywhere no matter what!

Come and join me in an easygoing but passionate and enthusiastic experience in this first half! (45 mins.)

During the experience, we talk about:

  • The most famous Argentinean football teams: River, Boca, Newell’s, Racing, etc.
  • Argentine idols: Maradona, Messi. Who do you like the most?
  • Popular Argentinean slang and chants!
  • Games and quizzes!

Let’s play!

Argentine fans are wild Paul - Jun 2021

Football (or soccer) is so exciting to see through the eyes of an Argentinian fan. They are wild!

– Amazon Explore
This is what I call passion Charles - Nov 2021

Now that I've lived this experience virtually, I'd love to go and visit the stadiums and feel the passion.

– Viator