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2 Days and 1 Night visiting Montevideo from Buenos Aires

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Staying in Buenos Aires and having some spare time? Why not go for a day to Montevideo in Uruguay?

Located just a two-hours ferry ride from Buenos Aires across the “de la Plata” River, it is really easy to squeeze in a two days visit from neighboring Argentina. This 2 days and 1 night trip to Montevideo from Buenos Aires is the perfect activity to escape for a while from Argentina’s bustling megapolis and explore Uruguay’s port city.

Your 2 days and 1 night tour to Montevideo begins very early in the morning (ca. 6 AM), as the driver
picks you up from your hotel/airbnb and takes you to Buenos Aires ferry station. After going through customs (note that passports are required) you board the ferry for a comfortable and pleasant 2 hours ride across the “Rio Plata” that separates Argentina from Uruguay. Soak up the sights as you cross the widest river in the world and enjoy panoramic views of Montevideo and the Uruguayan coast as you approach.

Upon arrival, you are received by your local guide and a driver takes you all to your 4-star hotel (with Breakfast included), once you get settled embark on a tour of the city’s highlights. In three fun-filled and exciting hours you discover the city’s unique atmosphere that combines Latin American
and European cultural influences.

Admire the impressive colonial architecture at the city’s Old District and Independence Square, get
in-depth knowledge of Montevideo’s rich theatrical and musical scene at Uruguay’s oldest and most
important theater, be blown away by the intricate architecture of Uruguay’s tallest building, drive by the
promenade enjoying fantastic views of the city’s sandy beaches, pass by the stadium that hosted the
1st soccer world cup in 1930, and stop at an Agricultural Market to learn about traditional Uruguayan products.

Along the way, several places are offered for you to have a traditional lunch (not included). At the chosen place you are given 1 ½ hours to enjoy your meal. After the tour and with a better sense as to where everything is in the town, a driver takes you to your hotel to spend the night. The next day you are given free time to explore the town on your own or have lunch at one of the many local restaurants. At the designated time, the driver picks you up and takes you to the ferry station for your ride back to Buenos Aires, where another driver is waiting to drive you back safely to your hotel/airbnb.

At Signature Tours, we highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to explore one of South America’s capital cities in a single day but is not willing to deal with the planning themself. Leave the organization up to us so that everything you have to worry about is enjoying your getaway to

Book your Montevideo 2 days and 1 night Trip from Buenos Aires online now and save your spot!