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Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

A quick guide for travelers.

Acting as a cultural bridge between Europe and South America, Buenos Aires is unforgettable. The food is superb, the shopping goes from world-famous designers to street vendors, and people are so friendly that you will feel like a local after a few days in.

Come visit and you will quickly understand why so many travelers are setting foot in this incredible city.

Buenos Aires is trully massive and each of its “barrios” (a.k.a. neighbourhoods) is completely unique. Upon arrival it is normal for foreigners to feel a bit lost as it may take a while to get a good feeling of the city. To help you speed up the process, here is our quick travelers’ guide to understanding each of Buenos Aires most popular districts, that will come in handy when deciding where to stay, where to eat, and what to visit in Argentina’s capital and most fascinating city.

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