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5 underrated tourist destinations in Argentina

Besides the most famous and over visited destinations in Argentina, there are plenty of less-acknowledged corners in plain sight throughout the whole nation waiting to be added to your tourist bucket list. Here are five of them that will blow your mind:

Lago Epuyén (Chubut)

Patagonia’s hiking headquarters, i.e. the town of El Bolsón, attracts nature lovers year-round. They trek around the surrounding mountains and usually visit the big lake in the area, Lago Puelo. Many are unaware there’s another lake, Lago Epuyén, that’s equally worth seeing. It’s smaller and a bit further out, offering greater intimacy with nature. Circled by forest-covered mountains, the lake is absolutely stunning at sunset.

Laguna del Diamante (Mendoza)

Only three hours away from the city of Mendoza, this magnificent lake of 14 square kilometers (5,4 square miles) of surface is special not only for being one of the most important water sources of the province but also for its peculiar “bed”, as it lays on the space left by the former crater of an extinct volcano. The best choice is to jump on a four-wheel vehicle that will allow you to travel more easily through the unstable grounds of the reservation, which was declared a protected area in 1994. Meanwhile you’ll be able to get a kick out of the diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes that precede and surround your final destination, like the temporarily passive volcano Maipo, located only 2 kilometers (1,24 miles) away from the edge of this genuine, natural diamond.

Campo de Piedra Pómez (Catamarca)

Despite being one of the least known provinces of the northwest of the country, Catamarca harbors an incomparable natural beauty. The Campo de Piedra Pómez (Pumice Stone Field) absolutely proves this, for its 25 kilometers (15,53 miles) of black sand with white and pink rocks, dunes, mountains and volcanoes will definitely take your breath away. Among the more than 200 volcanoes that rise in this peaceful labyrinth, you shouldn’t leave without witnessing the immensity of Antofalla, Antofagasta or Galán, partially responsible for this unequaled scenery of one of the lesser appreciated destinations in Argentina.

Iruya (Salta)

While most tourists to Salta busy themselves with the colorful hills of Humahuaca, the remote village of Iruya offers something different. The small town, which is ringed by mountains, stands at 9,120 feet (2,780 meters), so you can imagine how incredible the views are. It also offers visitors a glimpse into mountain life, where traditions that predate the country’s colonization are still preserved.

Ibera Wetlands (Corrientes)

Perhaps at the top of the underrated places list is the Ibera Wetlands. This virgin oasis in Corrientes province in northeastern Argentina is part jungle, part marsh, all natural wonderland. From the broad range of native wildlife to the likelihood that you will have the place to yourself as so few people visit the wetlands, this incredible waterworld remains one of the country’s best kept secrets. Are you inspired by our list of the coolest, most hidden-away places in Argentina? Considering planning a trip yourself? We can help! Book a free consultancy call and enjoy a fully personalized trip planned by our local travel experts.

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