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5 things not to miss in Argentina

With scenery to rival the best in the world and endless exciting activities, Argentina might just be the jewel in South America’s crown. If you’re looking for incredible things to do in this amazing country, then look no further. Here is a curated selection of 5 things you should definitely not miss during your stay:

Treat yourself to an unforgettable evening in the capital of tango

No trip to Argentina is complete without attending a tango show. Be bowed at one of the world's most passionate dance forms as incredibly talented artists perform the boldest lifts and tricks on stage in front of your own eyes while enjoying a luxury dinner paired with some of the best local wines. Come to listen, watch... and perhaps you'll even leave dancing like a local.

Discover the world of Argentine Wine

Exploring Argentina by the glass will take you – and your palate – from the malbecs and cabernets of Mendoza to the crisp torrontés of Cafayate and to the succulent syrahs of San Juan. The small town of Maipú, near Mendoza, is so packed with wineries, olive oil farms and other gourmet businesses that it’s easy to hit five or six in a day.

Unveil the beauty of Southern Patagonia, aka "The Land of the Glaciers"

From the town of El Calafate visit the awe-inspiring glaciers, some of which you can view by trekking across the ice, or from another perspective, by boat. Occasionally the advancing glacier Perito Moreno sheds ice into Lake Argentino. Witnessing how it falls apart is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that attracts visitors from all over the globe.

Find out first hand why Argentina has become beef Mecca

Whether you’re dining on prime cuts from a swanky Buenos Aires parrilla (grill) or digging into a sizzling tabletop grill of chewy, flavorful, close-to-the-bone cuts in a family-style eatery, you’re bound to get your fill of Argentina’s most famous food.

Enjoy a jaw-dropping experience at Iguazú Falls

One of the world’s most magnificent falls, Iguazú on the border of Argentina and Brazil is second only in height to Victoria Falls and is the widest expanse of falls in existence. The area is a riot of birds and blossoms, and one of the greatest life experiences one can live there is heading into the falls by boat.

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