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Paris meets Buenos Aires: walk along the most architecturally rich avenue of the city

In this virtual walking tour you will understand why Buenos Aires is a unique city in Southamerica.

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If you have never visited South America, starting from Buenos Aires will provide you with a soft landing as you are delighted with views, flavours and smells that are familiar to you yet exotic enough to keep your travel bug happy.

If there is one place in Buenos Aires where you can walk to understand why the city is called “The Paris of South America”, that is definitely May Avenue.

In this virtual walking tour not only will you be amazed by the architecture of Buenos Aires, but also you will be entering a time machine in which you will go back to the years when Argentina was among the wealthiest countries of the world.

Join your host on this virtual experience and about Buenos Aires’ history and culture. Take in Avenida de Mayo’s majestic French-inspired architecture featuring art deco and art nouveau influences, where you will also get the chance to pass by Cafe Tortoni, the oldest and most emblematic cafe of Buenos Aires, where the famous are known to visit, including Einstein among others.

Worthwhile & very interactive... gracias! Ian

I was so surprised at how personal and interactive the experience was. Lucia was an excellent guide, and answered numerous questions about current life in Buenos Aires. I hope to be able to visit Buenos Aires IRL some day in the not too distant future. Gracias!

Beautiful city, wonderful tour Wo

Nicolas gave a great tour on a chilly morning. The architecture he showed me was magnificent, the graffiti humorous, and the Café Tortoni was like being transported to Paris in the 1920's. He even shared a bit of history about Eva Peron when we saw her image on a building during the tour.