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Buenos Aires 101: a virtual walking tour to the heart of the city

Visit the oldest public square in Buenos aires, where the most important events in the city's history happened.

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

If you are looking for a virtual tour to to start exploring Argentina from home, this is definitely the one for you.

In this virtual walking tour, you will travel to the heart of Buenos Aires, May Square, where every important historical event happened since the very beginning till today. You will learn about the city’s history and the importance of the buildings surrounding it from the first City Hall to the Presidential Palace (Casa Rosada) and to the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Jorge Bergoglio used to work before becoming the Pope.

As well as being the site of the May revolution, the first step towards independence, the square was also the location for Argentina’s first political rally in 1890. It has remained the focal point for public gatherings, either in support of or to protest against successive governments ever since, a tradition that reached its apex with the crowds that came to hear Eva “Evita” Perón speak from the balcony of the Casa Rosada in the late 1940s.

Join us to start exploring Buenos Aires!

The first of many! Won

Lucia with Signature Tours was delightful, knowledgeable, and so accommodating. She provided very interesting facts and history as we walked around the plaza, as well as a movie recommendation that I've already added to my watchlist. She encouraged my questions and it was honestly the best tour I've been on. I had an in-person private tour in Athens, Greece, but this was better! I've already booked my next visit - this time in Patagonia. This is a great way to either get a better idea of a place you want to visit, like Buenos Aries, or find out more about a place you've already been.

– Trip Advisor
Well rounded, informative, and fun! Monica

This is my 6th virtual experience and it just might have become my favorite so far! Lucia was interesting and engaging and I learned so much about Argentina! While we were strolling around May Square, she pointed out the cathedral. Then she asked if I wanted to go inside! This is the first historical-style tour where I had the option to enter a building! It was so neat! It was just a really neat experience and felt very complete and engaging. I loved it!

– Trip Advisor
Great tour! Isis

This was a great tour! Our guide gave us lots of fun and interesting facts about the city and it's history. Our guide was very friendly and kept it interesting for my 8yr old who took the "trip" with me. Buenos Aires seems like a beautiful city and it's definitely on my list for visiting now!

– Trip Advisor