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Trick or Magic? An introduction to illusion with a professional magician

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A magical virtual experience!

Participate in a livestreamed, interactive magic show live from Argentina!

Watch a professional magician perform a show full of mystery and surprises. Afterwards, hear as he explains the trick of the “Spiritist Tattoo”, a wonderful divination game with cards and an amazing ending. Have a deck of cards ready to try it out for yourself! You will also learn the fundamentals of magic and the dynamics of the interaction between the magician and the spectator. By the end of the session, you´ll be ready to perform your own magic trick and amaze your family and friends.

My students were so excited! Smokey - Jun 2022

What a wonderful introduction to how magic is performed using playing cards! I purchased a one on one experience and used this with my students in grade 4. Each child was highly interested in practicing their new card trick the second the presentation was over! I highly recommend this as a birthday gift for a child or adult with an interest in magic. Sergio was very clear and let the students know about his native language and was excited to hear many students saying hello in Spanish. A great experience all around!

– Amazon Explore
Excellent! Tara - Oct 2021

Was a great experience for my 8 y/o! Highly recommend this experience.

– Amazon Explore
Coolest experience EVER! Keren - Oct 2021

I've been to Japan, Greece and Italy but this experience was by far the most interactive and coolest one. Sergio was so kind and patient. I cannot wait to show off my new magic tricks!

– Amazon Explore