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Argentina off the beaten path: discover the living colors of Purmamarca

Virtually visit a small Andean town with narrow and quiet little streets that keeps its adobe houses integrated in harmony with the natural surroundings.

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Discover Purmamarca & its Seven Colors

The landscape of the little Andean towns in the North of Argentina along the UNESCO-listed Humahuaca gorge is a unique postcard.

Framed by the Siete Colores (Seven Colors) Mount in the background, Purmamarca is considered one of Argentina’s most beautiful villages. The town has narrow and quiet little streets that keep its adobe houses integrated in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Explore the extraordinary landscapes and historic gems of Argentina’s wild Northwest and connect with the essence of the Pre-hispanic traditions on this live-stream online tour.

A natural phenomenon in a rugged mountain setting. Borrum - Mar 2020

The beautiful Quebrada de Humahuaca region of North West Argentina is renowned for its mountains, rivers and gorges. But the Hill of Seven Colours is an unique formation. Over a period of perhaps 600 million years, movement of tectonic plates and other extraordinary forces have forged this multi-coloured wonder.

– Trip Advisor
Beautiful scenary everywhere! Tony - Dec 2020

You will be surprise to discover so many colors in just one place. Beautiful scenary everywhere!

– Trip Advisor
Mother nature at work Terry - Feb 2020

The average tourist is not too interested in the geological conditions that led to the rainbow of colours but it certainly appreciative of such marvels.

– Trip Advisor