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A Virtual Tour to Argentinean Patagonia: Discover Bariloche, the Little Switzerland of the South

Walk around a unique city by the Andes and discover Patagonia from the comfort of your couch!

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Discover one of the natural wonders of Argentina

Patagonia evokes images of glaciers, turquoise lakes, hikes on windy plains, penguins and romantic isolation. It is a vast region making up roughly the bottom third of Chile and Argentina.

If you want to lose yourself in the wild and discover the incredible landscapes, we can assure you that this is an unforgettable destination. Bariloche, the heart of Argentine Patagonia, is a nature-lover’s paradise and has a very strong identity as an icon of Argentina.

Join us in this virtual tour to explore the little Switzerland of the South!

Local sampling of Bariloche, Argentina Kwok

This was my first virtual explore experience and my guide, Ayelen (pronounced Ashlyn), spoke clearly and was informative, giving me historical details of the area and local sights. If you can't book a ticket to Argentina, this might give you a small taste of what life is like there, at least from a microcosm perspective. Bariloche is a somewhat remote town, about 15 kilometers from the nearest airport, and it's an upscale locale. I had a pretty good time and would try out more of these virtual tours. I'd highly recommend it!

– Trip Advisor
Great Scenic Tour William

Great tour lots of scenic views and fun facts.

– Viator
Beautiful tour of Bariloche Angela

This was a super tour of a beautiful town located in Patagonia. This area is extremely gorgeous and the lake views with the Andes Mountains in the background were stunning. Our host, Ana, did a wonderful job giving us a tour of the town, history of the area and answering our questions. We enjoyed learning about this area of the world and the history of how the town was established. This tour was a wonderful opportunity to explore and ask questions.

– Viator