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History of Tango & Basic Steps

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

Discover the Essence of Tango

Learn about the essence of traditional tango and the influence of the underground, discovering its music, dance, codes and outstanding artists.

Johanna, a renowned tango dancer and photographer, introduces you to the language of the embrace through exclusive material and her unique point of view of the contemporary tango scene!

We start with a personal presentation, introducing you to the history of tango. Through photos, we discover contemporary tango, the most representative of which are today’s milongas, and its main characters, the new aesthetic, the meaning of the embrace and the nostalgia.

We end the experience with a live demonstration of the basic steps of tango.

Let’s discover the fascinating world of tango through one of its protagonists! Fall in love with our intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Explore the history of tango from the beginning to the present day.