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The land of the silver: visit the workshop of a famous Argentine silversmith

Learn about silver and gold plating in Argentina from a famous craftsman.

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Meet a traditional silver craftsman

Silver has always been very important in Argentine history. In this live virtual experience you will get the chance to visit the traditional workshop of a famous Argentine craftsman that has pieces in collections in France, Germany, and The Vatican.

His hometown, San Antonio de Areco, more than fifty miles from the city of Buenos Aires in the middle of the Pampas, allows him to create old-time colonial platery by recreating the life of this picturesque town. Silver and gold pieces created daily include belts, mate cups, and even awards for the Argentinean Open, and you can purchase some of those items during the experience if you wish and we will ship them to your house.

This self-taught artisan is renown for his skillful handling of tools and an innate creativity that he puts into all of his works.

Join us to learn about the world of silver and gold plating in the gaucho’s capital of Argentina!

I felt honored to spend time in Gustavo's workshop Kevin

Carola was a wonderful guide with incredible knowledge of gaucho culture and the craft of silversmithing. It was also fascinating to watch Gustavo work. On a more basic level, I learned about mate tea and why it may be best to drink it from a gourd. I was able to make a purchase and cherish my gourd more because I met the craftsman who made it. I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into history and culture!

– Trip Advisor
Exquisite Nancy - Jun 2021

We learned about the history of silver mining and silversmithing in Argentina. We also got to see many examples of this exquisite work. We learned so much and enjoyed watching the expert do his work.

– Amazon