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Argentine Tango for beginners: learn the basic steps

Discover the fascinating world of Tango with a professional dancer.  Learn the basic steps and understand why tango plays a key role in Argentine culture. 

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

Discover the Essence of Tango

Learn about the essence of traditional tango and the influence of the underground, discovering its music, dance, codes and outstanding artists.

Your host, a professional tango dancer, will introduce you to the language of the embrace through exclusive material and her unique point of view of the contemporary tango scene!

We start with a personal presentation, introducing you to the history of tango. Through photos, we discover contemporary tango, the most representative of which are today’s milongas, and its main characters, the new aesthetic, the meaning of the embrace and the nostalgia.

We end the virtual experience with a live demonstration of the basic steps of tango.

Let’s discover the fascinating world of tango through one of its protagonists! Fall in love with our intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Explore the history of tango from the beginning to the present day.

Incredible Experience Susan

My partner and I had so much fun learning how to tango! Daniela felt like an old friend and we learned so much! We would highly recommend this to anyone! We want more dance lessons!!!

– Amazon Explore
Great experience Gene

This was a great experience, with a wonderful and energetic host who gave a great explanation of the history of tango and guided us through our first tango lesson.

– Viator
Informative and Fun! Jre

This experience is half history/stories and half dance class. Maria shared with us the history of tango which is something we didn't learn on trips to Argentina, and she shared historical photos and even some music with us during the experience. We chose this experience because it had the best of both worlds - that history piece along with some time spent learning the basic steps of tango. Maria explained very clearly, and it was easy for us to see her feet and follow along with her. She gives several really useful tips toward the end, and she makes you believe that anyone who can walk can dance tango! Zero regrets, and lots of fun.

– Amazon Explore