Gauchos, Men of The Argentinean Pampas

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Adult Ages 8+

Gauchos, Men of The Argentinean Pampas (Live online experience)

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Come and Join us in this story telling adventure about the Gaucho! an Iconic Argentinean symbol of Tradition and inner force!
Along with our local expert, you will learn about this renowned character who can still be found at the Pampas!

You will get to know the differences between the Gauchos and the Cowboys, how their daily life is today and how the Pampas region changed throughout the years -from the colonial times till today. In addition to this, I will explain you why the Creole horse is so popular around the world and everything you need to know about the Gauchos favourite drink: mate.

Join us in this 45 minutes experience into The Argentina of the late 19th century.