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Learn How To No-bake Argentina’s National ‘Cake’: Chocotorta

In this thirty minutes interactive online cooking tour we will teach you how to turn three basic ingredients into the easiest yet most delicious cake ever.

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Virtual Experience

Ask any Argentine around what they think is the most typical Argentine dessert and you are almost guaranteed to learn about the Chocotorta.

Translated as chocolate cake, this Argentine phenomenon is made with three Argentinian staple ingredients: chocolate biscuits, dulce de leche (local delicacy), and cream cheese.

Although no Argentine birthday celebration is complete without a chocotorta, this is a dish that is rarely found in restaurants, which means the only way to try it is to make it yourself.

Join our local expert in this interactive culinary adventure and learn how to make the recently named best dessert in the world.

Fun and easy! Lynn

Try something new you won’t regret it. The end results are so yummy!!! Fun and easy 45 minutes!!!

– Amazon Explore
Fun for the whole family Mitchell

Daniela was a wonderful host and we really enjoyed our time with her.

– Trip Advisor