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Boost your BBQ skills with this Argentine Asado Masterclass

Argentina is famous for its meat, but that's not the only ingredient that makes our barbecues, or asados, so special. It's the way we do it and everything that's involved. 

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Adult Ages 8+

In Argentina, a barbecue is a social ritual that brings friends and family together.

As the Chilean writer Juan Pablo Meneses once wrote, “Though more and more books are published on how to prepare meat well, no text seems to beat the intuition that every Argentine carries inside.”

Think of an asado as an excuse to get together with the people you most love, whether it’s friends, family or colleagues. And while barbecues exist around the world, there is something special about the Argentine asado. For us, it is a genuine ritual and an excuse to get together and share a ton of anecdotes.

Join us to boost your BBQ skills with this live virtual “asado” masterclass and receive the applause of your guests.

Informative and engaging Ron

This program was informative and engaging. I'm a pretty proficient griller and i still learned a few new tips. We also had a great discussion about the current state of affairs in Argentina. Flashback to an Anthony Bourdain episode! All of your questions will be answered and the instructor tailored the level to the participant's needs.

– Amazon Explore
Good stuff Maria

Great class on Argentinian grilling and social aspects. We really liked the chimichurri which is a great addition to how we prepare and serve the meat.

– Trip Advisor
Secrets of Mouth watering Ribs Jami

In this experience the chef explained how to settle a fire and the best way to position Ribs, Steak, and Chorizo sausages to maximize the tenderness. He also showed how to make flavorful sauces and rubs to have a delicious meal. if you've ever wanted to improve your grilling skills or learn more about sauces to complement your meats, then you should definitely take this experience.

– Viator