Colourful Buenos Aires - Urban Art

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Adult Ages 8+

Colourful Buenos Aires – Urban Art

In this experience you will learn about the history of urban art and the most important current Urban artists that are worldwide known. While seeing their works of art with this indoor experience you will be able to also enjoy the different historical and trendy neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires.

There are many different styles like Paste up, muralism, graffiti and more! And this art in Buenos Aires is mostly legal nowadays including in many cases works of art in parks, playgrounds and oficial buildings hired by the government to do so.

Join me on this experience to learn and enjoy Buenos Aires current urban artists and its neighbourhoods!

Discover the art in Buenos Aires and its popular urban artists, the muralists. Since it became the capital of Argentina in 1880, Buenos Aires has always been important
because of its art, architecture and museums. But a special and unusual characteristic of this city is the art you can find in public spaces.