Argentinean Typical Breakfast Tasting

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Adult Ages 8+

Argentinean Typical Breakfast Tasting

Both of us will be at the comfortness of our homes while enjoying ourselves the sacred moment of having breakfast!

I suppose you will agree with me that enjoying a delicious breakfast is the the first and nicest rewarding gift that we give to ourselves in the morning, Isn’t it? Hahaha.
If not, I invite you to have a try during these quarantine days to have some relax for you and your family!

Taking into account this, I invite you to join my experience so as to show and let you know more about Argentinean Typical breakfast or as I would like to name it : “Caloric Sweetness”.

During our relax and easygoing chat session I will display the foodstuff while, at the same time I will be letting you know everything about them! Some worth to be mentioned:

– Our “superstar” The mate, Great companion for us…
– Secondly, Croissants or medialunas, Pastries, biscuits, toasts
– Last but not least My weakness… “Dulce de Leche” which is a a typical accompaniment for the toasts and …. Oh no! I want you to discover it!!
Finally, as a bonus I will be providing you a recipe so as to have and share with your family something argentinean Alfajores!!

Come on, Join me in this mouthwatering experience!!!