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The Splendor of Iguazu Falls: A Natural Wonder

a man standing next to a waterfall

If you are planning a trip to Argentina, then definitely you should spare some time to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites: Iguazu Falls.

In this article we will share insights about this unique place, a real paradise on Earth. We really think Iguazu Falls is one of the top destinations in our country, and you will find out why!

Located in the northeast of our country, a less-than-two-hour flight will take you to Iguazú International Airport, in Misiones province. There are also other options with flights connecting Iguazú and other provinces.

As soon as you leave the airport, you will be dazzled by the lush vegetation. Nature will display an amazing rainforest. You won’t believe your eyes!

Buenos Aires to iguazu Falls Tour

Iguazú Falls were discovered in 1542 by Spanish conquerors. The name Iguazú derives from two words of Guarani origin and means “big water”. Iguazú Falls are part of the Iguazú National Park, created in 1934 and included as a World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO.

Iguazú Falls were named as one of the Seven New Natural Wonders of the Modern World in 2011.

Flora and fauna show a diversity rarely seen: lush vegetation, tropical rainforest. This is the home to many animal species, such as monkeys, jaguars, anteaters, toucans, squirrels, coatis (you will see a lot of them!), just to mention some of them.


When to visit Iguazú Falls?

a large long train on a bridge over a body of water

Any time of the year is good to visit this wonderful place. Temperatures are higher during summer time (December to March), so autumn (April to June) is a nice option if you prefer milder temperatures.

Climate is extremely humid and rainfall is frequent, so thinking about quick drying clothes is a wise decision. It is also important to take a cap, sunscreen, repellent and a bottle of water. Remember: always comfortable clothes and shoes.

Even though visitors arrive in Iguazú Falls all year round, there are busier months: January, February, Easter Week and winter holidays (July).


Visitors’ Center

At the entrance of the park, you will find “Ibyra Reta” Visitors’ Center. The name “Ybyra Reta”, guaraní words, means “land of the trees”. You will be able to know about the local flora and fauna, as well as about native cultures. Just a few steps away, members of the “guarani” native community at the “Yhary” craft fair will be pleased to talk about their culture and show you their handicrafts.


What to do?

a waterfall with trees on the side of a fence

There are many different activities and options to enjoy Iguazú Falls. They are made up of around 280 waterfalls and 80% of them are on the Argentine side. The most impressive waterfall is called the “Garganta del diablo” (Devil’s Throat). It is also the highest, with an 80-meter fall.  You will remain speechless in front of the breathtaking waterfalls.  Let’s explore:


-Circuito inferior (Lower trail)

This trail is approximately 1600 meters long (one mile). As you walk, you will feel closer to the different waterfalls. You will be in close contact with the landscape and nature around you. This is the perfect place to relax your senses and enjoy the sounds and the beauty around you. There are several viewpoints along the trail.


-Circuito superior (Upper trail)

In this case, it is around 1700 meters long (a little more than one mile) and it is accessible. The walkway is built over part of the waterfalls, some of them are: “San Martín”, “Dos Hermanas” (Two Sisters) and “Bossetti”, just to mention some of them. The scenic views are unbelievable.


-Eco friendly train

This electric train takes you around the park at a low speed, so that you can admire the landscape, take pictures and enjoy the different sights. It is free, but you need to have your ticket. It has special places for wheelchairs and strollers.

This is a very special train as taking care of ecology is a priority. It is open, reaching a speed of 20 km/h (12 m/h)  and noise impact is very low. It will take you to “Garganta del Diablo” station (Devil’s Throat station).


-Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat)

a large waterfall coming out of the water

Once you get off the train, a trail will lead you up to the most spectacular and breathtaking place in the park. The walkway goes over the Iguazú river upper riverbed. As you walk, take your time to admire the landscape in the middle of a wonderful canopy, astonishing vegetation and enjoy the bird diversity. We hope you are lucky enough to see some fishes swimming in the Iguazu river.

But the icing on the cake: the moment you get to the “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s throat). Rainbows, a soft drizzle, the water roar: the peak of the breathtaking waterfalls just in front of you.

At this point, you will really understand why this is one of the Seven New Wonders of the Modern World and a World Heritage site. Don’t miss the chance of visiting Iguazú falls during your trip to Argentina. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

These are just some of the suggested options for your visit to Iguazú Falls, Misiones, Argentina. Still having questions about it? Don’t worry. We can help you with that!

You can book a free 30-minute call to talk to one of our travel experts who will help you with all the questions you may have:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are just a message away, ready to help you and hoping to see you soon around here to say: “Welcome to Argentina. Enjoy your stay”.