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Luxury Travel in Argentina: indulge in your next vacation

Are you planning a luxury vacation in Argentina? This country has a wide variety of options so you can enjoy exclusive experiences in the most European capital of South America.
Malbec wines, high quality cuisine, the best steak in the world, outstanding nature and friendly people will make your trip a one-of-a-lifetime experience.

From Signature DMC, we have put our top recommendations together so you can start planning your luxury vacation in Argentina.


Exclusive Experiences you should not miss


Buenos Aires: experience the Gaucho culture

a herd of cattle standing on top of a grass covered field

Buenos Aires, as the capital of Argentina, will be your gateway to the country. You will be delighted by the top-notch restaurants the city has to offer, and the eclectic architecture that will make you feel in Paris.

But for sure one experience that you should not miss, is to spare a day or two to go out of the city, into the deep Pampas, to learn about the Gaucho culture. Not only will you learn a lot about Argentinian economy, culture and traditions, but also you will get the chance to go horse-back riding with the gauchos and enjoy a traditional “asado”, the Argentinian BBQ.
It is possible to stay overnight in a ranch, with all the services to make your stay a very comfortable one.


Mendoza: Stay in a luxury boutique hotel set within its own vineyard

a band performing on a counter next to a building

With constant sunshine, Mendoza is prime vine growing territory. The varieties of wine grown here are some of the best the world has to offer. And if we talk about a luxury boutique hotel set within its own vineyard, nothing can go wrong.
Cavas Wine Lodge is one of the most luxurious and romantic accommodations that Argentina has to offer. Each room has impressive views across the vineyards to the Andes. Even if you do not stay here, you can opt to come to The Cavas restaurante that offers a seasonal menu with organic products. Of course, paired with the best wine.

For the best wine harvests, visit Mendoza between March and April.


Iguazu Falls: a a natural wonder of the world on luxury

a wooden boat in a body of water

One of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world, this area is home to thousands of plant species, hundreds of bird species, and animals such as howler monkeys, ocelots and tapirs.
Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights.

The majority of the 275 waterfalls sit on the Argentinian side, where a well-planned system of trails and walkways allows visitors to experience every angle of the falls. One of the most astonishing parts of the Falls is the Garganta del Diablo, or ‘Devil’s Throat’.

It is possible to visit the Brazilian side on a day-trip, so you can choose to stay in the middle of the jungle in the Argentinean side, from where you will immerse yourself in nature and live a truly unique experience.


Glaciers in El Calafate: High-end Tourism at its best

a bedroom with a large bed in a hotel room

If you have to choose only one destination for your luxury vacation in Argentina, then El Calafate and its glaciers is a top pick.

The still-advancing Perito Moreno glacier is the highlight, being 30 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide and up to 60 meters high in parts. Take a boat trip around the base or get the chance to go hiking on the glacier if you are more adventurous.

Regarding accommodation, El Calafate is very well prepared for high-end tourism. Estancia Cristina, which can be accessed by crossing the Cristina Channel of Lago Argentino by boat, offers a truly stunning setting. The journey to the lodge allows excellent views of the Upsala Glacier, one of the largest in the region, and once you arrive you are treated to views to the mountains.
Food is excellent: Patagonia lamb at its best. There are many activities on offer to enjoy the spectacular surroundings, including hiking, 4×4 excursions and horse-riding.
Definitely, a place you will remember forever.


Treat yourself at the End of the World

a man riding skis down a snow covered mountain

If we continue traveling further South in Argentina, we get to Ushuaia, also known as “The End of the World”, as it is the last city before the Antarctic. Views are astonishing: it is the only part of the country in which the Andes mountain range meets the sea.
You can enjoy a helicopter ride to have bird-eye views across the Beagle Channel, and if you are adventurous, there are several hiking trails to explore, and you can even ski in winter (June, July and August).


High-End Tourism: is it available everywhere in Argentina?

Argentina is a big country. And by big, we really mean it: it is the eighth largest country in the world. So, accommodation standards may vary from region to region. In all the destinations mentioned in this article, infrastructure for high-end tourism is available and we can help you make the right choice according to your interests and duration of your trip.

a group of people standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Private tours in Argentina

If you are looking for a reliable travel agency in Argentina, that is capable of organizing luxury travel, then we can help you. What about touring Buenos Aires with a private local guide that will share with you all the insights of the city?
Or maybe you are into experiencing Mendoza wine region with a private expert who will take you to the top vineyards? Or maybe a private day tour across the Argentine Pampas that includes a gourmet lunch with the best meat in the world?

We can provide highly personalized itinerary planning, with expert advice from our travel specialists.

These are just some of the suggested options to decide about luxury vacations in Argentina. Still finding it difficult to make up your mind about luxury travel in Argentina? Don’t worry. We can help you with that!
You can book a free 30-minute call to talk to one of our travel experts who will help you with all the questions you may have:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are just a message away, ready to help you and hoping to see you soon around here to say: “Welcome to Argentina. Enjoy your stay”.