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How to get to Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires: tips to visit one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World


No visitor that comes to Argentina should miss the chance to visit the largest waterfalls in the world. Considered one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place is guaranteed to leave you speechless. Discover how to make the most of your time there and which are the best ways to get to Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires in this post.

Iguazú in one day from Buenos Aires:

If you are only staying in Argentina for a short time and are worried you will not be able to make it to Iguazú, we have great news: all it takes for you to visit this must-see destination that may become one of the highlights of your trip to Argentina is one day. As crazy as it may sound, it is possible to take a day trip to Iguazú from Buenos Aires, flying back to Argentina’s capital city that same night.

Do not even worry about organizing the whole adventure. At Signature Tours we can easily plan an Iguazú Falls private day trip from Buenos Aires with airfare for you. Our travel experts will take care of everything from start to finish, so the only things that you need to worry about are packing your suitcase, grabbing your camera and getting ready to have the time of your life!

Early in the morning the driver will pick you up for a transfer to Buenos Aires’ domestic airport (located very close to the center of the city). After a two-hour flight you will land at Iguazú airport, in Misiones province, where a local guide will be waiting to welcome you and take you to the Iguazú National Park in a private vehicle. This is the best and easiest way to get to Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires if you are tight on time.

Is it worth including a day tour to Iguazú falls from Buenos Aires?

iguazu waterfall

Of course it is! Without a doubt! Iguazú Falls are known all over the world and many people include them among their dream destinations. You can watch videos or thousands of pictures, but nothing compares to the real thing!

The beauty of the landscape, the vibrant nature, the roaring of the water, and the singing of the birds, all come together in this fantastic scenery that seems to have been taken out of a fairy tail. In this unique environment you will find an astonishing natural treasure: 275 waterfalls that can reach up to 80 meters high and extend for almost 2 miles (three times wider than the Niagara Falls in the United States of America).

It is a place you definitely don’t want to miss during your visit!

Iguazú in three days from Buenos Aires:

If you have even more time to spend at Iguazú, we suggest you take a look at our 3-day tour to Iguazu falls from Buenos Aires.

These waterfalls are located in the northeast region of Argentina (province of Misiones) and on the Brazilian border. On the Argentine side, the falls are part of Iguazú National park, and on the Brazilian side, part of Iguaçu National Park.

Spending 3 days in the area gives you the chance to visit both sides, which offer very different experiences. From the Argentine one you get much closer to the falls and there are more trails to visit, and from the Brazilian sinde you get a spectacular panoramic view of the whole setting.

Besides the falls, which are obviously the highlight of Iguazú, the importance of this national park relies on protecting an area known as Paranaense jungle ecoregion, which is home to the most important biodiversity in Argentina.

Fauna is very specific to this area and some of the animals that live in the region are: monkeys, ant eaters, jaguars, coatis, lizards, iguanas, parrots, different butterfly species with unbelievable colours and sizes, eagles, caymans and toucans, more than 400 species of birds, turtles, just to mention some of them. Some of these animals like staying very close to humans, but –please- do not touch or feed them. We have to respect their natural habitat.

Of course, the jungle offers lush vegetation and a tree canopy that will amaze you.

Try to imagine the landscape: it is impossible not to feel thrilled by the power of nature surrounding you.

When is the best time to visit Iguazú Falls?

We know how difficult it can be to try to get into our dream destinations during the best time to visit them, so the first answer to this question is: the best time to visit Iguazú Falls is when you can make it there

That being said, we have to take into consideration that the area has humid subtropical climate, and that means that humidity will be your travel companion, being December the hottest month and June and July usually having the lowest temperatures. In summer time (December, January and February), temperatures get to around 33 degrees Celsius (91 F) or more. During winter months (July, August, September), the average is 23-25 degrees Celsius (73-77 F).

So, depending on what you prefer most, every season has a lot to offer. Iguazú Falls will welcome you all year round!

Top things to do and see at the Iguazú Falls

  • Enjoy the waterfalls: Like we have already mentioned above, the Iguazú Falls, in Misiones Province, are formed by more than 270 waterfalls. Some of the best to see are: Dos Hermanas (Two sisters), San Martin, Santa María, Bossetti, just to mention some of them.
  • Macuco Trail: This is a path to enjoy walking through the middle of the jungle. You will be surprised by flora and fauna. It is very usual to find some of the typical animals  close to the trail, such as monkeys, coatis, beautiful butterflies, and many more. Feel the silence, admire the colors the jungle has to offer. This trail takes approximately 3 hours to walk all the way (3000 meters/1.8 miles) and finishes at Arrechea waterfall, where you can take a cold bath to refresh yourself.
  • The Great Adventure: This is a tour that will allow you to feel nature and the falls in a unique way. It has two parts: the first one on a truck through the jungle. You will not believe how nature unfolds in front of your eyes. The second one, by boat: you will see the falls from the water and even ride under some of them. Of course, you will get wet, but it is an unforgettable experience!

Buenos Aires to iguazu Falls Tour


  • Ecological train: Enjoy the adventure of boarding an ecological train which will take you to the three main walks: Lower, Upper and the Devil’s Throat. It goes around at a very low speed, so will be able to admire the landscape, listen to the sound of birds and take pictures.
  • Devil´s Throat: The icing on the cake! We are very proud to say that all the way along the falls you will be astonished at every step, but the “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s Throat) will leave you absolutely speechless.
    Union waterfall, located on the Argentinian-Brazilian border,  gives birth to the Devil’s Throat. It is approximately 90 meters (300 feet) wide and 80 meters (260 feet) deep, more or less like a 25-story building. It has a very particular horseshoe shape.
    A balcony will allow you to admire this unique landscape and you will be amazed by the average water flow at the Devil’s Throat: around 1900 cubic meters per second!
    You can make a stop and capture unforgettable moments:-Have a look at the black birds flying all over and into the falls. They are “vencejos” (common swifts). You will love them.
    -Take a few minutes to listen to the sounds around you, the roar of water.
    -Rainbows are another wonder of nature. Several of them are usually seen at the same time.

Buenos Aires to iguazu Falls Tour

Our top recommendations for your trip to Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires

  • Plan ahead: this is a very popular destination and flights can get very busy, so getting everything ready ahead of time to save your spot will be the priority.
  • Tickets: It is necessary to buy tickets before your visit to  Iguazú National Park. We recommend that your trip includes a local guide to make the most of your time and really understand the environment, its flora and fauna, and its people.
  • Bring some extra clothes: when visiting the falls, you will get wet. And there are two reasons for that: you will get very close to the falls, and also humidity will be your travel partner, so you will want to change your clothes to be comfortable.
  • Pack a travel towel: for the same reason, you will thank us there!
  • Do not feed any animal: we have already mentioned this, but this is extremely important. Coatis may seem very cute, but don’t forget that they are wild animals.
  • Bring a waterproof pouch for your phone so you keep it safe.
  • Don not forget your sunglasses, UV protection, a cap and mosquito repellent, and having water with you all the time.


We hope that this information about how to get to Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires will be useful for your next stay in Argentina. We are glad to provide you with some tips so that you can make the most of your days among us. For that, we have prepared a selection of blog posts with recommendations from our tour guides about art and culture, places to visit, travel advice and much more. 

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are just a message away, ready to help you and hoping to see you soon around here to say: “Welcome to Buenos Aires. Enjoy your stay”.