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Argentine Empanadas Cooking Class

Make the most popular Latinamerican street food at home and host an Argentine-themed dinner party.

Quick Details

Adult Ages 8+

Learn to make the most famous Latinamerican street food: Argentine empanadas.

These are easy to make and delicious to eat. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, served as an appetizer or main dish. In this online cooking class you will get the chance to cook along your host in Argentina who will share with you how to make Argentine empanadas from scratch, in an interactive and approachable way. In addition to that, your warm, friendly host will tell you about local food traditions as well as details about Buenos Aires life as she walks you through the preparation of one of the nation’s most beloved dishes.

What a treat! Our first experience and we are hooked! Masha

Cast aside your skepticism! This experience is absolutely worth every penny and every minute. My husband had just tried empanadas for the first time and loved them so I decided to get us a cooking demonstration. We had a blast!! Federico is knowledgeable, hilarious, friendly, and most importantly, fantastic at giving directions and showing us the chops. The hour flew by and it absolutely lifted our spirits, to experience Argentinian cooking right from our living room. Highly recommend for couples, parents with kids and anyone looking to connect on a deeply human level with someone on the other side of the world. We'll be back for sure! Also ... our empanadas turned out awesome.

– Trip Advisor
Great, Interactive and Delicious Experience! Melissa

Augustine was a terrific host! We had a great time and she was so interesting and charming. I did prep all of the ingredients listed in advance and my husband and I cooked along with her. Our first few didn't look very good but we got the hang of it! This was an amazing activity and I can't believe in a hour we learned such a great and flexible recipe. Don't hesitate to book this!

– Trip Advisor
Truly grand experience Richard

Just took this session today and was blown away by it. Aime was the guide and her presentation, knowledge and friendly demeanor made the class a joy to take. The really good parts were not only learning about Argentina but the fact she took the time out to point out the keys items in making the recipe something you'd not normally find in a recipe's instructions.

– Amazon