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Argentina Off the Beaten Path: Discover These Hidden Treasures

Are you thinking of visiting Argentina, but maybe you want lesser-known options, far from the crowds? Perhaps you are the kind of traveler that is always looking for places off the beaten track, willing to experience new regions or maybe you have already visited the most popular places of Argentina and now want to know what else the country has to offer.

If your answer is “yes”, then you are in the right place. We are going to tell you about some of the hidden treasures you can discover while you enjoy tourism in Argentina. Let’s begin!


1-Saltos del Moconá  (Moconá Falls)

a large waterfall over some water

Usually, when we think of the province of Misiones, we immediately associate it with the Iguazú Falls. There are enough reasons for that: they were listed as one of the Natural Wonders of the World by UNESCO, but definitely not the only falls in the region!

Have you ever heard of Moconá Falls?

The Moconá waterfalls are also found in the province of Misiones, but they are lesser-known than the Iguazú Falls. “Moconá” is a Guarani word that means “place that swallows everything”.

These waterfalls vary between 5 and 10 meters high on the Uruguay River. Here, they can be seen parallel to them, which gives a unique landscape when you navigate the area. They are part of the Moconá Provincial Park.

They are located 4 hours away from Posadas (Misiones capital city), a city which also offers many options for tourism in Argentina with amazing river sights. Enjoy this hidden treasure!


2- Esteros del Iberá (Iberá wetlands)

a large body of water

This one is becoming a favourite place among travellers looking for off the beaten path destinations for tourism in Argentina, so we recommend you to visit this place soon just before the crowds discover it!
So now we are heading towards Corrientes province, which is located to the northeast of Buenos Aires province.

Esteros del Iberá is one of the largest wetlands in the world and is home to a highly diverse ecosystem, including more than 350 bird species. This place also hosts many local animals, such as marsh deers, pampa deers, capybaras and “aguará guazúes” (similar to a fox or a wolf), just to mention some of them. “Iberá” means “shining water” in the Guarani language.

Some of the different activities you can enjoy to be in touch with nature are: cycling, bird-watching, walking tours, nautical tours. Taking part in these activities with the expert guides on site is a unique and unforgettable experience.

If you are a nature and animal lover, this lesser-known destination is right for you!


3-Catamarca Province

a close up of a rock mountain

Looking for hidden treasures? Our northwest region is full of those hidden gems which are off the beaten path, but today we are going to pay special detail to Catamarca province, one of the provinces which is part of it.

It is one of the provinces where you can enjoy its colorful carnival festivities and ceremonies in honor of the “Pachamana” (Mother Earth). One of its treasures is the Ruta del Adobe (Adobe route), where you will be able to admire wonderful constructions where adobe is the mail material  used in the area.

Shincal ruins: During the 15th and 16th centuries, Shincal was an extremely important Inca administrative center. These ruins are National Historic Monuments since 1998. You will be surprised by the native vegetation and the old constructions.

You cannot miss the “Ruta de los Seismiles” (Six-thousand route). This is an expedition  where you will be speechless. This scenic route will take you through the highlands. It is a high-altitude Andean region with several peaks that exceed 6,000 meters (19,700 ft) above sea level (of course, that is the origin of the route name). Believe it or not, it is the second highest area in the world after the Himalayas.

Something that perhaps you didn’t know: some places in Catamarca were used for the Dakar Rally, adventure is also present!

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, the capital city founded in 1683, is an amazing city with an intense cultural life . It is surrounded by mountains and ravines, and offers beautiful natural landscapes. What an experience!


4-Buenos Aires

a man standing next to a wire fence

You may be wondering why Buenos Aires is in this article if we are talking about lesser-known destinations in Argentina… but believe us: there are plenty of places in the city to go off the beaten path, where you won’t find lots of tourists.

And also… what if you are visiting Buenos Aires, but you do not have several days to fly to other destinations? Don’t worry. There are some spectacular locations to enjoy your stay in the city, and –at the same time- discovering some hidden treasures.

Perhaps you thought it was necessary to take a flight to know about local wines. If you like wines and vineyards, we have good news for you.

Just 50 minutes from Buenos Aires city, you will be able to enjoy Gamboa Vineyards. Grapes are harvested, processed and fermented on site. This is a kind of oasis where you will be astonished by the natural beauty: vines, poplars; everything to be completed with an excellent lunch prepared with seasonal ingredients. Of course, you will taste the exclusive wines from a unique terroir as well as limited edition wines from local winemakers.

Let’s see another option. Did you know that Buenos Aires is well-known for polo horses and polo fields? Yes! Just an hour from Buenos Aires, there are options to spend a completely relaxing polo day.

You will be able to explore the polo secrets, learn about the sport while you enjoy a wonderful lunch. There are several options, you can go for a full day option, or if you want to combine polo and complete relax, you can make a stop and complete this unique experience spending the night at a beautiful and comfortable ranch.

If you want to stay in the city, there are wonderful places to admire street art, local artists and live unforgettable experiences.

Everything sounds great, right?


These are just some of the suggested options to discover the hidden treasures in Argentina. Still finding it difficult to make up your mind about lesser-known destinations in our country?  Don’t worry. We can help you with that!

You can book a free 30-minute call to talk to one of our travel experts who will help you with all the questions you may have:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are just a message away, ready to help you and hoping to see you soon around here to say: “Welcome to Argentina. Enjoy your stay”.