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Curosities about Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

Curosities about Buenos Aires Metropolitan
If you are walking around “Plaza de Mayo” (May square), sometimes it isCatedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires – Arkiplus
difficult to find the Metropolitan Cathedral. Why?
Visiting “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square) is something not to be missed if you are
in Buenos Aires. It is the place where the city was born, where the most
important events in our history took place and where the most representative
buildings (for the city and the country) are located. One of these buildings hosts
the Metropolitan Cathedral, the most important church in Buenos Aires, but
few people can find it, in spite of being located just in front of the square and
having amazing dimensions.
Juan de Garay, Spanish conqueror, founded the “Ciudad de la Santísima
Trinidad” in 1580 in the place known today as “Plaza de Mayo”. The site to build
the church was located opposite the square. That humble adobe church was
modified, demolished and expanded. Thus, by the end of the 18th century, the
present five-nave church with side chapels and an impressive central altarpiece
was finished. The façade was still a pending matter.
The façade was completed in 1823. It was a surprise for many people, as the
style was quite different to that usually seen in other cathedrals: neoclassic
style. Twelve columns are the basis for the triangular frontis to get into the
church. For this reason. many visitors cannot find the Cathedral and think that it
is or was a civil building before being Cathedral. If we think about a church, we
always look for a bell tower.
As soon as we cross the main doors, we will see an amazing temple which is
really worth enjoying in detail. The floor is a masterpiece, completed at the
beginning of the 20th century. Thousands of English Venetian mosaic tiles were
placed by hand (yes, one by one!) and represent important symbols for the
Catholic religion. Something else to discover: delicate silver designs in the altar
and the pulpit. Both of them carried out by the renowned silversmith Carlos

Catedral metropolitana de Buenos Aires en Buenos Aires: 12 opiniones y 65 fotos

On the right aisle, we will find a significant reference in our history:
Gral. San Martín’s resting place, considered the father of our nation. The mausoleum has different parts: a black marble sarcophagus covered by the Argentine flag and three white marble sculptures representing Argentina, Chile and Peru, as he fought for the independence of these three countries Two grenadiers guard this place and the changing of the guard takes place every two hours. The ceremony is as formal as touching.
Catedral Primada de Buenos Aires en Buenos Aires: 3 opiniones y 5 fotosWe can say that the most significant event for the Catholic church in Argentina
took place in 2013, when the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio, flew
to Rome to participate in the election of Benedict XVI’s successor, as he had
resigned the Papacy. To his own surprise, he was elected and chose Francis for
his Pope’s name, in honor of Saint Francis of Assissi. This way, he became the
first Pope from the Americas as well as first Jesuit Pope.

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There are still many surprises to be discovered at our Metropolitan Cathedral.
If you are interestedWe invite you to enjoy them when you visit Buenos Aires.
in knowing more about “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square), you can join our virtual
tours, one of our local tour guides will tell you about the secrets, history and
curiosities so that you can enjoy while comfortably seated at home.