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Thanksgiving party ideas: 5 out of the box activities to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family

5 out of the box activities for a thanksgiving party

Spend some quality time with your loved ones in a fun and special way with these out-of-the-box Thanksgiving party ideas! 

Treat your family and friends to a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience and enjoy an immersive virtual trip to a faraway land with all your senses, but without stepping a foot out your doorstep.

Experience a completely different way to celebrate Thanksgiving: From hands-on cooking lessons or walking tours in Buenos Aires, to virtual trips to the glaciers and wine tastings, Argentina Virtual Tours gives you the possibility to take part in a wide variety of interactive live-streamed virtual experiences hosted by local experts based in Argentina that will allow you to spend an awesome and memorable Thanksgiving day.

Are your loved ones in your same town? So get together and enjoy the activities as a group.

Are your friends and relatives in another city/country? Then these live virtual experiences are the best option to stay close to each other and enjoy memorable activities together! 

Check out the Top Rated Thanksgiving activities!

1. Join a live-streamed Argentine Empanadas cooking class:

a bowl of food

Make the most popular Latin American street food at home and host an Argentine-themed dinner party.

Argentine empanadas are not only always present at any local social meeting, they are also easy to make and delicious to eat. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, served as an appetiser or main dish and have fun with the whole family while creating your own empanadas’ shapes.

In this online cooking class you will get the chance to cook along with your host in Argentina, who will share with you how to make Argentine empanadas from scratch, in an interactive and approachable way. In addition to that, your warm and friendly host will tell you about local food traditions as well as details about Buenos Aires life as they walk you through the preparation of one of the nation’s most beloved dishes.

No cooking experience needed!

After booking your spot at this activity, you will get the ingredient list and instructions on how to prepare for your virtual cooking class.

Book online today and save your spot.

2. Treat your loved ones to a live-streamed Argentine Wine tasting:

a person wearing glasses drinking from a glass

Uncork the best Argentine wines from home and become the wine connoisseur you have always dreamed to be.

Argentine wine is considered among the best ones in the world, and nowadays the country leads the production of Malbec with over 75% of it.

Originally from France, this black-skinned grape became synonymous with Argentina, where ripe, juicy bottlings from Mendoza turned it into a household name. Our Malbec is renowned all over the world.

In this online activity, your host will introduce you to the history of wine making in the nation and how Argentina’s three main vineyard regions (Patagonia, Mendoza, and Salta) differ when it comes to nuances in flavour. Learn about local varietals, such as torrontés, as well as the malbecs Argentina has rightfully become famous for.

But… how does the virtual wine tasting actually work? Well, after booking your spot you will get a wine list with Argentine labels that can be found almost all over the world so you can enjoy the same wines as your host. Cannot find them? That’s not a problem. Just bring your favourite wine and get ready to know about our wines.

Join your expert host in this live virtual wine tasting to discover Argentina in a different way!


Book online today and save your spot.

3.  Virtually learn how to make Argentinian ice cream ft. Dulce de Leche:

a person holding a hot dog in a kitchen

Enjoy a home-made Thanksgiving dessert that both kids and grown-ups will love! 

Walk around any town or city in Argentina and you will find ice cream shops around every single corner. For locals, ice cream is much more than just a simple dessert: it is a tradition. No matter if it is summer or winter, we enjoy ice cream all the year round!

After being introduced in the country by Italian immigrants at the end of the XIX century, this culinary heritage went beyond the original gelato when it met its local partner: dulce de leche (a.k.a caramel).

Join your host in this live virtual experience and learn how to make the most popular ice cream flavour on Earth using just four ingredients and no ice cream machine. As simple as that!

A fun online activity ideal for kids you can’t miss!

Book online today and save your spot.

4. Have an Argentinian-themed cocktail party:

a person holding a cup

Virtually learn how to re-create famous Argentine cocktails and bring some heat to your Thanksgiving celebration!

Buenos Aires is renowned for its nightlife, which is as varied as intense. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wait to go all the way to Argentina to experience it: you can let Argentine nightlife into your house with this live interactive virtual experience. 

While most of the world associates Argentina with wine, the cocktail scene in Buenos Aires is getting bigger and bigger every year. Your host will introduce you to some classic local drink recipes as well as some old favourites reimagined with Argentine ingredients. 

If you’re over 21, check out the ingredient list that will be sent to you after booking your spot and get ready for an online mixology masterclass, or just sit back and soak in your newfound bartending knowledge. Enjoy this experience and know about our local drinks.


Book online today and save your spot.

5. Boost your BBQ skills with this live-streamed Argentine Asado Masterclass

a piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

What about enjoying an Argentina-style meat feast for your Thanksgiving family lunch?

Argentina is famous for its beef, but that’s not the only ingredient that makes our barbecues, or asados, so special. It’s the way we do it and everything that’s involved. In Argentina, a barbecue is a social ritual that brings friends and family together.

As the Chilean writer Juan Pablo Meneses once wrote, “Though more and more books are published on how to prepare beef well, no text seems to beat the intuition that every Argentine carries inside.” Think of an asado as an excuse to get together with the people you most love, whether it’s friends, family or colleagues. And while barbecues exist around the world, there is something special about the Argentine asado. 

For us, it is a genuine ritual and an excuse to get together and share a ton of anecdotes. Become an “asador”, that’s the way we call the person cooking and preparing everything to receive the guests.

Join your expert host and boost your BBQ skills with this live virtual “asado” masterclass and receive the applause of your guests. Enjoy!

Book online today and save your spot.

How do live virtual experiences  work?

  • Browse our website and choose the right virtual experience for you.
  •  Schedule the session on the date and time that suits you the most.
  • After booking you will receive an email with the instructions on how to join your session and elements you’ll need before the online tour starts (e.g. ingredients list).
  • When it’s time, join the Zoom meeting and you will be connected to your host.

At Argentina Virtual Tours we bring the best of Argentina over to you, no matter where in the world you are!

What makes our virtual experiences so special?

  • Streamed live: None of our online tours are pre-recorded.
  • Interactive: Audio and video are both ways, so don’t be shy and interact with you host and co-guests!
  • On your own schedule: Choose the date and time that suits you the most.
  • Local expertise: All our hosts are well trained tour guides with several years of experience.
  • Multi-language: Our guides are trained to speak different languages, so chances are high someone in our team speaks your native language.


Argentina is just one click away! Save your spot for an unforgettable Thanksgiving experience!

And in case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are just a message away, always ready to help you.