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Three Days Iguazu Falls Tour with Airfare

This is the ultimate Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls tour package for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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Person - Single Accommodation
Person - Double Accommodation

Explore the waterfalls of Iguazú, one of the world natural wonders!

Visit the “Iguazu Falls”, one of the “World’s Natural Wonders” declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Iguazú Falls feature 270 waterfalls over 3 kilometers of tropical jungle that join the Argentinian and Brazilian borders derivates from the Amazon River and starting at a drop of water from the Andes Mountains this is a place to see.

Amongst its impressive views the jungle weather and ambient holds many natural beauties to be seen with at the Walking paths, with a chance to do Trekking and lots of walking.

Important Note: flights included in this package are in economy class, in case passenger would like to choose another category we can certainly quote and tell you how much the difference would be.

Day 1
Flight Buenos Aires – Iguazu Transfer from the airport to the hotel. In the afternoon, visit the Brazilian National Park where multicoloured butterflies and amazing rainbows, created by the spray of the thundering water, fill the air. Reaching the hotel.

Day 2
Iguazú Falls – Argentina Side. Walk the paths and bridges of the splendid Iguazú National Park, and be amazed with the surrounding virgin lush vegetation and its amazing flora and fauna. Take a bath at the falls while trekking the upper and lower walks.

Day 3
Transfer out to Iguazú Airport.
Flight Iguazu – Buenos Aires

Great tour with a great tour guide Howbeme

Excellent tour with an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. This tour company is the best I have ever used in a long time. They communicate very well about details of the tour. I highly recommend booking your next tour with them.

Great organization, total worth Pol F.

We loved every minute due to our professional guide and his expertise. Loved the organization.

Very enjoyable experience Bobepsom

Thoroughly recommend this tour.