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First time in Argentina? These are our suggestions

Are you planning your first trip to Argentina?
Welcome! We will tell you interesting information so that you can begin feeling closer                                                    and closer.                                                                                                                                                                                    Argentina is a country with a diverse and vast territory, it is the eighth largest country in
the world and with a population of approximately 44.000.000 people. Argentina
has a wide range of climates and landscapes: from arid mountains in the
northwest to glaciers and lakes in the Patagonia Region.
You are already in Buenos Aires! Seize your time and go all over the place.
With a population of approximately 3.000.000 people, it is the country capital
since 1880, but if we consider the Metropolitan Area, we are about 13.000.000
people. You will find the historic neighbourhoods towards the south and
amazing French style architecture, great parks and green areas to the north of
the city. It is worth visiting them and also tasting some of the local dishes.
Let’s go!
First stop: a visit to Iguazú Falls. Located in Misiones Province,
landscape surrounded by red soil and rain forest, they were declared World
Heritage and one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. As they are part of the
border shared with Brazil, taking tours to visit both sides is an excellent option.
From the Brazilian side, you will have a breathtaking panoramic view, but from
the Argentine side, you will be really close, you will almost feel you are part of
them. Not to be missed!
a large waterfall over a body of water
Nothing like Mendoza to have another perspective. It is a province located in
Cuyo region, west of the country. From there, the Andes mountain range and
the Aconcagua, the highest mountain with 6959 meters (22,837 feet) above
sea level, will unfold before your eyes. An amazing tour will take you to the
border with Chile. You cannot miss visiting a winery, you will find craft ones or
industrial options. Remember that Malbec wine is produced in Mendoza!
Let’s go south to Patagonia!
In Santa Cruz province, close to the Chilean border, you will find El Calafate.
It is a unique town, as it is the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park. The most                                                        important ones are Perito Moreno and Upsala glaciers. In order to admire all that beauty,                                    trekking and navigation are wonderful options. Please, do not miss the ice bar made of                                                glacier ice where room temperature is -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees F). Do no forget your
Argentina has much more to offer: fauna (southern right whales, penguins, etc.),
Ushuaia, the southernmost capital city in the world, localed in Tierra del Fuego
province, arid landscapes in the northwest of the country. We will help you to
design your itinerary according to your plans so that you can make the most of
your stay. Please, contact us, we are ready to answer with a smile.
a crowded beach on a sunny day
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