Jewish life in Buenos Aires

The tour is focused on the history of the Argentinian-Jewish community, right from where it started, when the first immigrants arrived in the 19th century up to nowadays. During the journey you will be told about the history of the first colonies in Argentina, along with the formation of the first Jewish community in Buenos Aires. Later you will learn about the Jewish community’s situation in Buenos Aires and Argentina, along with it´s political, economic and socio-cultural standing. You will hear about the great changes suffered since the last crisis of the bombings of the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA and the new Jewish Centers that have emerged as a consequence, and their ties with the State of Israel. Also you will visit the two aforementioned institutions, the most emblematic places for the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. It is important that you give Signature Tours your personal details at the time of reserving the tour and you must have your passport with you at all times on the tour also. The visits to the institutions come with an obligatory donation per person, amount to be defined at the start of the tour.

Private Jewish life in Buenos Aires Tour

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